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We are creating a new way for artists, musicians and athletes to connect to their fanbase and reclaim control of their personal brands. The non-fungible token (NFT) innovation has taken the creative world by storm. Now fans can buy their favorite music directly from the artist, and engage on a more direct and intimate level with the bands and creators that they love. neonARKade is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in this revolutionary new concept. We are working with some of the hottest names in music, sports and entertainment.

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How It Works

What makes NFTs so special? Here are just a few reasons why.


An ‘NFT’, or non-fungible token, is simply a cryptoasset token that is unique and cannot be replaced by another token. Because it is linked to a blockchain, it is very easy to determine not just whether it is genuine — but also who created it, and owns it.


Cryptoassets like Bitcoin and Ethereum use blockchain technology to record ownership. NFTs are also blockchain assets, however unlike Bitcoins each NFT is unique. A creator can then link that NFT to an asset like a song, or artwork, or even something in the ‘real world’ so that the NFT holder can prove ownership.


Creators of ‘real world’ collectibles normally do not benefit if the buyers of their items later sell those items for a profit. But NFTs are on-blockchain, and can be programmed so that a pre-designated percentage of profits from every onward sale immediately returns to the creator.

What is an NFT?

An ‘NFT’, or ‘Non-Fungible Token’, is simply a cryptocurrency token that is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. And, because it is linked to a blockchain, it’s easy to prove its unique nature, and who owns it.

Most importantly, an NFT is programmable. This means that like any software, the NFT can do many things — such as paying a royalty to the NFT’s creator whenever it is sold to a new buyer. Or, it can link to content that can only be consumed by the token’s owner.

Why is this important?

This property – to enable easy verification of a token’s origin and ownership – can solve many problems that exist today. Music creators can easily promote and sell their albums directly to their audience, instead of through many intermediaries. Art buyers can prove the authenticity of a painting. And sports fans can buy a digital collectible that creates a closer connection to their favorite athletes.

NFTs can dramatically improve the economics of content creation for performers, and help them to form stronger bonds with their most loyal followers.

Why work with us on your NFT?

Our team has deep experience in all relevant aspects of the NFT marketplace. We have spent many years in music and film production working with high-profile bands and actors, and helping professional athletes to achieve their business and financial goals. We also bring deep experience from Wall Street, and more recently have been immersed in the cryptocurrency world since its inception.

We have a deep understanding of the technical and financial implications of NFTs, and how they can help content creators to strengthen their brands, and be directly rewarded for the success they work so hard to achieve.

How It Works?

What makes NFTs so special? Here are just a few reasons why.

NFT strategy

neonARKade works closely with creators to develop a strategy that fits their unique style and how they want to connect with their audience and their fans. We constantly observe the market to stay informed on the latest trends and most innovative ideas.


We don’t just rely on your social media followers to drive sales (though they are likely your most important audience!) Our publicity and public relations partners will work around the clock to raise awareness of your NFT and create the ‘buzz’ that delivers the best possible outcome.


Our team includes experienced blockchain developers who can manage the creation and secure transfer of your NFT so that you and your fans can do business safely and securely.

Meet the neonARKade team

The neonARKade team come from diverse backgrounds, yet when assembled present a unique capability that harnesses their deep knowledge of entertainment, cryptocurrency, finance and technology. We are united by our common love and enthusiasm for crypto, and a mission to give power back to the content creators who make music, art and entertainment so special.

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